The Book That Simplified (And Organized) My Life.

The Book That Simplified (And Organized) My Life.

The Book That Simplified (And Organized) My Life.

If you’re anything like me, you have a “to read” book list that is far too long and overwhelming.

So, guess what? I’m going to add one more to your pile!

But, I would recommend moving this one to the top for a couple reasons.

One, it’s a super quick read. It’s only 122 pages and if you have an E-reader, it feels even shorter. And two, it might just help you to prioritize those other books in your pile.

The book I am speaking of is called Do More Better by Tim Challies.

An amazing little nugget of information that put in place some tools and ways of thinking that I am still using every single day.

If you struggle with overwhelming to-do lists, balancing work and life, and/or keeping up with the constant information that is thrown at you day-to-day, then this title is for you.

As an entrepreneur, I can’t tell you how overly grateful I am that I read Do More Better early on as it has set the basis and method by which I go about my freelance business.

Tim’s method for organizing life’s biggest pillars: Tasks, Meetings, and Information works so well it almost seems like common sense.

My Favorite Bit

Just a forewarning, this method of “Doing More Better” involves technology. (Specifically three apps that can be downloaded for free on your phone, computer, tablet, etc.)

For me, this was easily welcomed as I love finding new apps and technology that help make life and work easier, but everyone is different so I understand those who may want to do all of the suggested organization techniques on paper or your own apps/programs or wherever is easiest for you.

Tim’s principles all still apply no matter what you are using for your tools of the Do More Better method.

Alright. Let’s Wrap Up This Love Letter To A Book, Spencer...


So, as you can tell, this blog post is less of a book review and more of me shouting, “GO. READ. NOW!”

And I mean it.

Again, it won’t take much time and I highly recommend to anyone and everyone who is looking for a simple method of organization that allows them to know everything in their life has a place and purpose.

To put it simply, Do More Better by Tim Challies is a book that enables peace of mind and it’s worth the $3.51 (at the time of writing this) price tag on the Amazon Kindle Store.

Pick up your copy in hardback, paperback, audiobook, or Kindle, here.

The Discussion

Have you read this book? Did you found it helpful? Did you have any issues with the principles Tim Challies suggests?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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