The BEST Camera For Small Business Owners 2018

The BEST Camera For Small Business Owners 2018

I've been using the Sony a6500 for a couple of weeks now thanks to my good friend Jason Agola who allowed me to borrow his and get a feel for the camera.

I can't say enough good things about this little camera, however, there are a couple of quick things that I believe put it leaps and bounds above my Nikon d5500 which I had been shooting on for a couple of years.

The Nikon D5500

Now, don't get me wrong, the Nikon d5500 is a great camera and I fully enjoyed the feel of the camera, the still images it took, and believe it or now, the fold-out screen.

However, I want to differ from talking about what the Nikon lacks and instead talk about how the Sony a6500 exceeds.

The Sony a6500

Mirrorless. A Problem?

For starters, this camera is mirrorless which means it is fully digital. 

Even the viewfinder is a screen that displays what the sensor is seeing instead of a mirror system that the Nikon d5500 and other SLR cameras have.

I thought getting used to this new type of camera would take me some time but I was pretty much used to it immediately. 

We live in the world of smartphone cameras and digital photos so this was no strange "leap" for me to take.

Internal Image Stabilization

With the a6500 you get internal stabilization. Now, this feature may not seem all that great until you are able to compare it to a camera without it. 

Literally, straight out of the box, you get not just smooth, buttery, stabilized video but also your still shots are cleaner and sharper because the little shakes of your hand are completely eradicated... (I love that word even if it doesn't really work here.)

Pair the a6500 with a lens that also has built-in stabilization and you can leave your gimbal or steady cam at home!

It's A Focusing BEAST!

Now, I don't have much to compare it to, but the autofocus of the a6500 is AMAZING especially compared to my Nikon.

It seldom hunts for a focus point and focuses on faces like some sort of weird glue exists between the lens and the face in front of it.

On top of that, the focus more or less makes no sound at all.

Now, compare that to my Nikon which was so loud even external microphones could pick it up.

It's night and day.


If you're a business owner who knows he/she needs to get into the video content game along with the rest of the world, but you also want a nice camera for taking still shots for your social media channels, I cannot recommend this camera more.

It really is the full package. Pair it with a couple of the amazing lenses that fit the a6500 and you have a beast of a content creation machine.

I hope to make a follow-up video after some more projects with this camera to talk about how well those amazing aspects I mentioned above hold up over time, but for now, I hope you enjoy this written love affair with my latest piece of money-making gear - the Sony a6500.

If you have this camera or are thinking about getting one, let me know your thoughts or questions in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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