Putting Your Money Where Their Mouths Are (Digital Marketing in 2018)

Putting Your Money Where Their Mouths Are (Digital Marketing in 2018)

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I live in Roanoke. It’s a small to mid-sized city in Southwestern Virginia that’s considered part of the south.

Because of the small-town feel of our city and surrounding towns and counties, we have lived in the age of legitimately knowing your neighbors by name and making business connections through face-to-face interactions and handshake agreements.

That’s not at all a bad thing, but as the world has moved into the digital age of social and business interactions, we have (as a collective region of Virginia) been a little left behind in our old ways.

One of my goals with Spencer Pugh Media is to help businesses in this area launch themselves into this new digital age.

Luckily enough for me, and them, most people where I live are starting to really realize the potential and necessity of having a strong digital presence — Having a website, having multiple social media channels, having a mailing list, etc.

The problem is, most knowledge of the subject starts and ends there. They just know they should have these vehicles.

The point of today’s blog is to give a little perspective on just how simple Social Media and Digital Marketing can really be for a business.

You may be surprised to know that it works on the same principles that the face-to-face interactions and handshake agreements work.

Selling In the Digital Age

I want you to think of every lousy salesmen technique and annoying sales pitch you’ve ever heard (or given) in your life.

Pretty annoying and intrusive right?

The main difference I have experienced in my few years on earth between traditional marketing and sales and the new digital age is that there are less “Sales” opportunities and a boundless amount of “Marketing” opportunities.

The internet is a free realm, chalk full of unlimited information and entertainment.

The amount of FREE information out there really makes it hard for a consultant or service industry company to be stingy with their services and knowledge.

Think about it, if you have a master class that costs me $300/month to learn from three five minute videos/month on how to tie bow ties, you can bet your $300 dollars there are an infinite amount of YouTube videos out there that can give me the same information... for free.

It may take me a little longer to find all the content in one solid place but chances are someone is already doing your “Masterclass” and they’re giving it out for free.

(I wrote a blog post recently about working for free and this section is a bit of an extension on that topic.)

Again, there is less room on the internet to be a stingy salesman who only makes ads of “Buy Now” and “20% Discount if you click this ad” and “Click here to learn how to tie your shoe for only $10 a month!”.

...However, there are boundless opportunities to market your brand and grow a strong, engaging and passionate audience of customers and potential clients.

Ah, so we are finally reaching the point of this blog post...

The Simplicity of Social and Digital Marketing

My intuition tells me that people use the internet for three main reasons:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Knowledge and Information
  3. Socializing

People don't use Facebook to be sold to...

They don't use Instagram so they can buy all the products shoved in their feeds...

They don't watch YouTube videos to click on every ad before and after each video...

So how in the world is a business supposed to use social media for business development and to make those dollars?? What is the ROI of posting every day and spending money to promote fancy content pieces (That aren't even "buy now" ads!?)

Community, Engagement, and a solid following of individuals who would be more than happy to buy or use your product or service because they care about your brand.

Spencer, I’m still not seeing it...

Social media should be used the way people use it. To entertain, to give out information, and to socialize.

Think back to those traditional business models.

Let’s say you are taking your potential client to play a round of golf to try and get their business — Entertainment

(Your Company most likely pays for this... way more expensive than a $100 Facebook ad that reaches thousands of more people than a game of golf with a single client).

You talk with your client about what the market is looking like and what frustrations they are having. You then give your knowledge on the subject, some tips and ideas of strategies that could help with their situation — Information.

(Even if this conversation is separate from the topic of what you are trying to sell to them, you may have knowledge on the subject and want to help them as the kind human being that you are.)

You get on a personal level and ask how the kids are doing, how much golf they’ve played in the last year, where they are vacationing this year — Socializing.

Now, even though these conversations can contain business discussions, you more or less haven’t even talked about your product or service yet because you are simply creating and building the relationship.

The internet allows for these interactions to take place with multiple potential clients and customers for minimal amounts of money and at relatively the same time.

One client at a time, or potentially thousands? Which sounds better to you?

That, my friends, is the magic of the internet.

It all starts with caring and being invested in your customers or clients.

The more you can give to them, the more attached they will be to your brand and closing on their business will be as easy as ever.

Americans spend up to 10 hours a day on their smartphones and the internet.  (Way more time then they spend golfing per day)

So, put your money where their mouths are. You’ll be surprised just how simple, easy, and fun it can be.


This post was more or less a vomit of my thoughts on the subject. I tend to write these posts with no outline and just let my thoughts run wild and hopefully come across as authentic and helpful in some way.

Let me know your thoughts on this subject. I truly would like to hear from you and if you would rather hop on the phone and discuss with me ear-to-ear or face-to-face, grab some time on my schedule here.

I’d love to talk about you or your business and what struggles you may be having in the digital age. It’s my passion to help people better navigate their way through this wonderful, digital, underpriced era we are living in.

Thanks for reading, friends. I’ll see you next week!

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