Pursue and Get Paid for Your Passion In 2018

Pursue and Get Paid for Your Passion In 2018

We live in one of the best eras this world has seen.

Thanks to the internet, we can not only have any and every bit of information at our fingertips, but we can also purchase and have any item laid at our doorstep within a couple of days.

The economy is nothing at all to complain about *crosses fingers* and folks are starting whole businesses built around their hobbies and favorite past times.

That’s what I want to talk a little about today.

Your Dream Job

Maybe you don't realize this or maybe you’re just too busy to put any real effort toward it, but you absolutely can make money doing the things you love to do. Period.

We live in the crowd-funded, endless media consumption era filled with millions of people just looking for ways to “escape their reality” to learn, be entertained, or simply escape for a bit.

Believe it or not, there are undoubtedly a relatively large portion of people out in the world that have access to the internet who would be eager to hear your thoughts on gaming, baseball, slime, art, history, Harry Potter, Land Rovers, etc. etc. etc.

All it takes is you putting out those thoughts or opinions or knowledge on one of the three main media formats — Written Word, Audio, or Video.

Next, you have to get that content in front of those people who would be interested in consuming it via Social Media channels or other digital platforms.

And get this, everything mentioned above that you need to do to build an audience around your passion is 100% FREE.

FREE, friends.

This type of publication just did not exist for our grandparents.

You literally have the tools at your fingertips to reach millions of people with your passions.

That’s why, in 2018, no matter what your passion or hobby or occupation is, you must first learn to become a media man/woman if you want to be seen.

Why You MUST Be A Media Company First

If you are or want to be a woodworker who builds awesome custom chairs, you must first be a media company that makes wooden chairs for people.

If you want to be the lead expert on the wonderful world of Harry Potter, you must first be a media man/woman who knows a butt-ton about Harry Potter.

It IS possible and I see endless amounts of people who are following their passions and getting paid to do so simply because they are willing to put in the added effort to display their knowledge or work in the form of helpful, entertaining content in front of the right people.

Get Started

So, you need to start somewhere right? Because you ARE the leading expert on cleaning supplies and how they affect your health long-term, but you need to display that knowledge on the World Wide Web.

Here are the tools to start making your content.


YouTube. Simple. It’s free and easy to upload. You can even film, edit, and upload right from your phone these days.

Get yourself a cheap little phone tripod off amazon and start making that amazing video content.


Anchor.fm is a beautiful app that has singlehandedly made podcasting as easy as youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Download it from the App Store, pick your podcast name, and immediately start making podcasts directly by talking into your phone as if you were simply talking to someone via phone call.

You can even invite others to the podcast by calling them through the app and get both your audio and theirs on your episode.

On top of all that, Anchor will publish your podcast to all the major podcasting outlets — Apple Podcasts, The Google Play Store, Overcast, etc.

Grab the app, and get started!

Written Word

If you don't feel like making your own website, (which I can totally do for you — let’s talk if interested. Here’s my calendar, grab some time) then you can start writing written word content on Medium.

Medium is a simple social blogging platform where people share super interesting and informative content.

You can too!

Three Birds with One Stone

Pick one of the above platforms and start. Whichever one feels most comfortable to you.

At some point, you might want to start creating content for all three media types. When that day comes, or if that time is now, go check out my blog post on creating a One Man Content Creation Machine here.

Until then, just begin and don't hesitate. Speaking of past blog posts, if you need some perspective on getting your feet set with all of this, check out my post on Just Starting here.

I want you to begin. To get your feet wet. You’ll never start living your passion if you don't even start.


Stop reading this blog post and go start!

Again, these tools are all free and ready for you to start pumping your knowledge and expertise into.

We all look a little foolish when we start something new but most people like to see others get better at perfecting their craft. It’s all part of the learning process and believe it or not can be just as valuable to witness than the refined knowledge of the expert.

You CAN live out your passions in 2018 and get paid for it.

So, go start and send me a link to your content so I can follow along on your journey.

See you next week!

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