Why You Are More of A Photographer Than You May Think

Why You Are More of A Photographer Than You May Think

Louisville, Kentucky — April 10-14 2018

Ever since I picked up a camera and started shooting, folks tend to hand me their dslr, digital camera, iphone, etc whenver photos should be taken.

"You're the photographer", they say.

While I love taking photos and I am more than happy to use other people’s cameras to take a photo of a group or product or building etc. I think that most folks are probably better at taking photos than they may think.

Especially in today’s world where our smart phone cameras are actually catching up to DSLR cameras. 

On this blog post I just wanted to bring attention to the fact that all the photos above were taken on my iPhone camera (except, of course, the arial shots. Those were taken on my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone that actually has a camera worse than my iPhone camera...) 

I’ve heard it said that the best camera is the one that you have on you at all times.  

Now, unless you are planning to be one of these crazy vloggers and carry a full frame dslr camera around with you everywhere you go, the camera you more than likely have on you at all times is your smart phone. 

In my opinion, that’s good enough. 

Even the Pros Are Doing It

Unless you are taking some professional photos for someone, your smart phone camera is going to be more than adequate for every day candid and casual photos.

To further prove my point, I follow a couple of photographers who ONLY use their smart phones to take photos... for their professional career. Check out Dan Khol here who owns the Instagram game with his iPhone and check Luisa Dorr who has taken commissioned professional portraits of Oprah, Selena Gomez, Hilary Clinton, Madeline Albright (just to name a few) all on her iPhone...

Why You Are A Photographer Too

The truth is, I dont think it’s difficult to take photos on your smart phone.  

Now, maybe it’s my love for photography that it comes naturally to me or something, but I will admit that most times when people hand me their phone to take their photo because “I am the photographer” I literally just point the lens at them and shoot.

There’s really nothing fancy about shooting images on a smartphone. That is, unless you are using one of those expensive apps that lets you control apereature, and shutter speed, and ISO (all photography jargon) of your smart phone camera. 

However most people (including me) don't have apps like that at the ready. 

So, I want to encourage you to get creative. 

Start taking the photos yourself. Don’t just look for the closest photographer. More likely than not, if you just take 2 seconds to frame your shot and think about the photograph a little, you will take an awesome photo!

Trust that you and your phone can be the perfect team for the job! 

Editing Photos To Look Pretty

The only mobile app I use to edit photos is VSCOcam. You’ve heard of it. Get it.

It’s simple and easy to use and the free filters are more than enough to make some stunning edits. If you want to buy some filters, they are cheap and awesome. 

I’ve personally bought every VSCO preset and only use 3 at the current time... 

Most images straight from your smart phone are good enough to go without a filter or edit but if you think they need a touch up, VSCO is the way to go.

Not-So-Expert Tip

The most simple and helpful tip I can give about photo editing is this:

Saturation is not your friend.

Over-saturated photos are one of my biggest pet peeves and they just ruin the reality of life. 

I understand some of you may say that over-saturation is your “theme” or something.

But please don’t. 

Trust me. 

Most times my first step in editing photos is actually to take a little saturation out of the photo. Smart Phones have a tendency to add some unecesary saturation to photos automatically. 

Okay, rant over. 


It’s not hard to take photos these days.  Especially thanks to smart phones.

I want to encourage folks to get out and get creative. Even if it is just the occasional family photo.

Be careful though, the second you start showing an interest in photography, you will become “The Photographer” ;) — not a bad title to have in my opinion! 

Thanks for reading. 

See you next week! 

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