JUST START (If No One Knows About You, You Don’t Exist)

JUST START (If No One Knows About You, You Don’t Exist)

Photo:  @gryshoots

Photo: @gryshoots

Look, there are plenty of excuses. I can sympathize. Whether it's in my blood or it’s just the person I’ve grown up being, I can be a pretty lazy individual.

So, excuses usually come easily to me.

I’ve really been working on that.

At my first job as Marketing Manager of an executive search firm, I freaked out. How in the world was I supposed to market a company as a one-man team?

With all of the vehicles and platforms out there to market on, how was I supposed to be able to put in the work to be on all of them and keep up engagement as a single individual?

(I ultimately left that job because I realized I HATED that industry and I was no expert on the subject matter, nor did I want to be, but I’ll save that story for another day.)

I’m sure many of you can relate. If you’re the marketing manager of a company and have no team, or even if you are just deciding to take on the digital marketing tasks for your company or the company you work for, it can be a daunting task.

You have to be engaging. You have to respond to comments. You have to be consistent with your content. You have to stick to the grind. You have to be insightful, entertaining, knowledgeable and helpful. You have to fully understand your target audience so that you create the perfect content for them. Etc. etc. etc. *Gulp*

Where do you even start?

Let me help you, there.

Just Start.

I see it too often. I saw it in myself! People worry too much about getting it perfect or making sure the strategy is fail-safe or that they can meet some sort of standard for their industry that they don't even begin!

Insert the famous Wayne Gretzky quote here.

Look, the internet is an amazing place. We have more opportunity now than we ever have before.

No matter your background, how old you are, any sort of chip you have on your shoulder or shadow you are living under, you have a voice.

And there are people out there who need help. They need your product or service. They need your expertise.

So give it to them!

Pick the best platform for your audience and hit it — hard.

Social Media is free. You can literally post every second of every day if you so desire at no cost to you. (I would not suggest that much content - comes across as spammy and is a sure way to burn out fast)

So take chances, try things. Get in front of your audience.

Just keep this in mind.

Social Media Marketing Isn’t About You.

(Neither is any good marketing in my opinion)

To ensure your content is getting the traction and engagement that you really want for your brand or business, make sure your first goal is to give. To care.

People use the internet/social media to learn things, to look up answers to questions, to be entertained. They don't use it to see your ads or to have your product or service shoved down their throats.

Yes, the ultimate goal for you is to prove an ROI. To make money. But that’s not why people use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat... so you can make money.

So, keep that in mind as you work on gaining your social following.

After you begin, then you can narrow your focus, try new things/new platforms, stick to what works, move away from what doesn't.

But just start.


I’ve tried to keep this article pretty generic. No matter your industry or your product, service, pain points, it really is as simple as just taking the first step. Just Start.


Now, I understand that there are certain situational and specific questions or pain points you might have that you would like to fix in this realm of business.

If that’s you and you need someone to hop on the phone with for a few minutes and talk marketing strategy, give me a call. Here’s a link to my schedule. Grab some time and let’s talk. I’d be happy to help or at least give some perspective.

Or you can always add a comment below with a question or an opinion and I’ll respond to any and every comment.

I hope you'll start doing. Start making waves. We're not promised tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, friends.  

See you Next Week! 

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