Developing A One-Man Content Creation Machine!

Developing A One-Man Content Creation Machine!

In my last blog post, I discussed Just Starting. I’m a one-man marketing team and have been since I started in this industry back in 2016. So, how is a one-man marketing team supposed to utilize every social media platform out there? How is a one-man marketing team supposed to create enough content to compete with all of the other noise out there from bigger and “better” marketing teams?

Well, if you listened to that last post, hopefully by now you have at least started.

Now, let’s get into some strategy on making a one-man Content Creation Machine. (By the way, this method works for marketing teams as well. I'm just aiming to help out the little guy, much like myself!)

It starts with a simple word - Repurpose.

The Macro (Or Long-form) Content

To start a great content creation machine, I recommend starting with Macro Content. This will be the content you create that takes a bit more time and adds some solid value to your audience.

Your Macro Content can live in any of the major media consumption realms: Audio, Video, or Written Word.

Personally, I’ve found it easiest to start with a blog. In a blog, you can collect your thoughts and get them edited and written out as you want them.

(Just as a side note, if you can talk someone’s ear off for hours on end about a topic or subject that you love, you can and should start a blog. Even if that blog is about Starwars or Pizza Ovens or My Little Pony - I’ll save this pep talk for another day)

I made it a goal to make a new blog post every week this year to promote my brand and give value to clients and potential clients.

I’m loving it.

However, a blog only reaches the eyes of my audience members out there who like to read blog posts. So, I knew I needed to hit all of the other media consumption favorites out there.

But, it already takes me an hour to an hour and a half every #StarbucksFriday to write these blog posts. How am I going to create more macro content?

So, I’ve started repurposing my blog post in the form of podcast episodes and YouTube Videos.

Three Birds With One Stone

It may seem lame or lazy but to create these content pieces I literally film myself each Monday morning reading my blog post from the previous Friday. I read the blog post into my phone on an app called, a podcasting app that has changed the podcasting game. I recommend Anchor to anyone interested in podcasting for branding purposes.

So, by repurposing that Macro Content across all three platforms, I am able to reach more of my audience based on their preferred way to consume media - Video, Audio, and Written Word.

Again, I am a one-man marketing team. I just don't have the time to create three separate pieces of content for each platform. That would take all my time and I have to actually do the work I am marketing!

So, each week, I release a new blog post on Tuesday on my website, on Medium, and on Linked In; a new podcast on Wednesday on Anchor, the Google Play Store, Amazon’s Alexa devices, Apple Podcasts, and literally anywhere else you can listen to a podcast; and a new YouTube (and Facebook) video on Thursdays.

That’s quite the reach for a one-man marketing team.

Now, I understand that these pieces of content all relay the same information. But 1. It’s the best I can do at the current time 2. I am able to reach ALL of those platforms listed above and 3. I firmly believe not many people are going to read, watch, and listen to every piece of content I put out there. More likely than not, they have a favorite of the three.

So, In a sense, I am simply able to reach every favorite media consumption method out there.

Until I am able to hire some folks for this company, this will have to do. And so far, it’s working perfectly for me.

The Micro-Content

Now you have these three Macro Content Pieces each week. So, believe it or not, it doesn't have to end there. You can still repurpose that content!

What about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc?

Well, there are probably plenty of quotes in your blog to lay over nice photos for Instagram and Twitter. You can always chop up your Youtube video and use those 15-60 second clips for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat.

The Idea here is that you don't have to create new ideas or topics but that you can reuse the best little bits of your weekly blog post or podcast or video to share on all of the social media platforms you are responsible for. Sure people may have already read your post, but maybe it would be nice to hear the best bits again, or maybe they missed it the first read through!

Disclaimer: Always be aiming to provide value to your audience in any and every form of content you produce.


Now, the final bit of content I am currently implementing and which acts as another way to continue to serve your clients is documenting.

Most people don’t realize that documenting also provides value and they also don't realize their lives are really more interesting then they might think.

The journey is often more exciting than the destination, and folks like to experience that journey with you.

It’s the reason why daily vlogs exist. It’s the reason why folks like DJ Khalid can gain an unbelievable audience on SnapChat.

People love watching other people succeed, fail, learn, and grow.

Whether it’s for vicarious reasons, escapism entertainment, or motivation to work on their own paths through life, people love the process.

So get on Instagram Stories, get on Snapchat and DOCUMENT. Tell people what you’re up to. Show people what you’re up to. You might have followers leave your social platforms. But if you continue to try and add value to your target audience, you’ll start to build a real following with the people that you’re aiming to help. It’ll happen naturally and most likely slowly but it will happen if you’re willing to put in the time to do so.


Content Creation can be one scary beast. Especially with all of the various vehicles and platforms out there. But hopefully, this post has given an idea of one method of breaking up that content creation process so you can better spread it across all of your platforms.


Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you try this content repurposing method. I’d love to also hear stories or ideas or questions you have on running marketing for your business. Let me know in the comments down below and I will see you all next week!

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