Creating A New Website? Don’t Overthink It!

Creating A New Website? Don’t Overthink It!

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Creating a website for your brand or business online can be a daunting task. You already know your story, who you are, what you sell or offer, how well you work with your customers or clients, but it’s hard to translate that into the digital realm for most people. 

But, I’m here to tell you, it’s way easier than you think. It simply takes some thought, time, and a little effort.

Now, I’ve been designing websites on Squarespace for quite a few years now just out of a love of the process and the love for good design. Taking a brand and displaying its story on a beautiful web page is one of my nerdy pleasures in life.

Now, in these years of designing websites on Squarespace, I have used many of the templates offered and bent and molded them to fit my perfect idea for my website. But this is simply because I loved the process.

But building a website doesn’t have to be as overwhelming a project as I like to make it on my own personal projects.

However, as I mentioned in my first blog post, it’s 2018 and you need a website if you are wanting to get more clients and improve the reach and impression of your brand.

Your website doesn’t have to blow people out of the water. In fact, my go-to approach is to be as simple and minimal as possible when designing websites.

Think of it this way. If I am a potential client and happen to land on your website I want to be able to know a few things very quickly.

  1. Who and what in the world does this business or individual do/offer?
  2. Where can I see some examples of the services or products offered?
  3. How can I learn more/get in contact with this business?

With the exception of online stores (which also add the question of “How can I buy this product?”), most folks that happen upon your website are looking for the three things above.

And with the attention span of most people these days, if they can’t find that information in a matter of seconds, they will leave your site. There are plenty of other companies that have taken the time to think about their customers enough to display this information front and center.

The internet is a place where people go to find information. 

This is the very reason why “Google” became a verb. If you don’t have an answer to something, you google it. If you don’t know how to make a website on Squarespace, you google it. If your kid spilled some sort of gel pen ink on the carpet and you don’t know how to scrub it out of the carpet, you google it.

Your website should be able to help those in need. It’s the beauty of the world wide web.


My point in all this is simply this:

Don’t overthink your website. Once you get the basics down and you help lead visitors to the information they want as quickly as possible, then you can start to think about giving your site a little depth — intake forms, discounts, inbound marketing tactics, blog posts, etc.

If I have learned anything from starting my own business and working for myself it’s this — it’s better to DO then try and perfect so much that you end up doing nothing. 

So, build that kickass website, or pay someone to do it. There are plenty of web designers out there that would love to help tell your story (*ahem* *raises hand*). 

You will not regret it and at the very least, you will have a nice digital portfolio that you can send potential clients to via the URL on your business card.

The Discussion

Questions or comments? I’d love to hear from you! You can either leave me a comment below or feel free to shoot me an email at the address at the bottom this page. My number is there too and I would love to hop on a  call and discuss your website - on me. I’m all ears and would love to help!

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