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How I Work For Free (And Make Money Doing It)

Some of you all may not know but my love for marketing and social media content creation actually started back in college when a hall mate and I first started our band, The Band Concord. 

Something I will always remember and I wish I had put a little more thought into it was something our producer, Imad (some of you may have heard of him), said after we wrapped up our Freshman album, Youth.

He said we should just put the album out for free.

Simplifying the Social Media Algorithm (N.E.C.C.)

I want to start this week’s blog post with a common misconception about social media and social media followers:

“If I have x number of followers (let’s say 1,000 followers), then all 1,000 of those followers will see any and everything I post.”

While this may have been true at the start of social media, the game changed a while ago and today we are going to discuss the free and organic way you can get more of your content back in front of your followers.