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Making Your Own Opportunities w/Dunnadidit

On this episode of The Bedroom Entrepreneur, I had the pleasure of talking with Dunnadidit, a fellow YouTuber, music producer, and freelance photographer and videographer, about pursuing your creative outlets and making your own opportunities through smart work. Dunna makes some amazing videos and has some great insight into the business and art of being an entrepreneur in the digital world.

Building A Company From The Ground Up w/Adam Moore of The Factory

The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic here at Spencer Pugh Media but I'm excited that I was able to squeeze in this week's episode of The Bedroom Entrepreneur Podcast with a new and good friend, Adam Moore of The Factory.

Each week I aim to put out a blog post, YouTube video, and podcast episode to supply helpful and informative content to other entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Roanoke Valley or around the world.

On this week's episode Adam talks about his project, The Factory, which I have been really excited about. 

Creating A Website Is Always A Two-Party Process

In my short time as a professional website designer, I’ve started to realize that building a website is really a two-party process.

Let me explain.

Just because I have learned the ins and outs of Squarespace and know how to build a nice, crisp and clean website — how to work with colors, fonts, design, and positioning of content — I’m not an expert on the story, history, pain points, and strengths of my client's business or brand.

Putting Your Money Where Their Mouths Are (Digital Marketing in 2018)

People don't use Facebook to be sold to...

They don't use Instagram so they can buy all the products shoved in their feeds...

They don't watch YouTube videos to click on every ad before and after each video...

So how in the world is a business supposed to use social media for business development and to make those dollars?? What is the ROI of posting every day and spending money to promote fancy content pieces (That aren't even "buy now" ads!?)

JUST START (If No One Knows About You, You Don’t Exist)

I’m sure many of you can relate. If you’re the marketing manager of a company and have no team, or even if you are just deciding to take on the digital marketing tasks for your company or the company you work for, it can be a daunting task.

You have to be engaging. You have to respond to comments. You have to be consistent with your content. You have to stick to the grind. You have to be insightful, entertaining, knowledgeable and helpful. You have to fully understand your target audience so that you create the perfect content for them. Etc. etc. etc. *Gulp*

Where do you even start?

Let me help you, there.

How I Work For Free (And Make Money Doing It)

Some of you all may not know but my love for marketing and social media content creation actually started back in college when a hall mate and I first started our band, The Band Concord. 

Something I will always remember and I wish I had put a little more thought into it was something our producer, Imad (some of you may have heard of him), said after we wrapped up our Freshman album, Youth.

He said we should just put the album out for free.