This Is The Best Song. Ever.

Maybe this has happened to you before: Someone asks, "What is your favorite song right now?". I usually stand there and think for a minute before answering something along the lines of, "Uhm... I don't really have a favorite song at the moment. THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD ONES!" 

Well, for the past couple months this has not been the case.  

After the release of "22, A Million" by Bon Iver (which I have come to love), I once again became very entranced by the works of lead man Justin Vernon and performed my usual ritual of researching the artist more than the normal human could ever possibly think of doing.  

Last Week

Hello friends. 

Last week was probably one of the most emotionally challenging weeks I've had in a while. Not much happened to me personally, but many around me felt suffering or joy to the upmost extent.