"I'll Be Home For Christmas" - Annual Christmas Cover With Meredith Young

Every year, Meredith and I do our very best to record a Christmas song cover before the holidays. [And we've done a perfect job so far ;)]

This year was a little different, though. We were about 250 miles away from each other and the window of time we had together in the same town before Christmas day was too small to record and publish a video in time. So, we decided to create the whole thing via this wonderful thing called the internet.

After many conversations about this new way of recording, the purchase of a new microphone, the breaking of a computer, the fixing of a computer, the run-and-gun single-day filming on an iPhone, and quite a few hours of trial and error, we finally were able to get the video out Christmas Eve Day.

As we started the process, many aspects of this project began to eerily match the feelings that seem to always accompany the holidays - being away from your loved ones (Meredith lives in DC now) and the race to get home to them, things not going as planned and having to to put the frustrations aside and just enjoy the time with others, and finally, the calm of finally being at home with your loved ones.

Yeah, the song may be a little different from something you're used to hearing, (I've discovered a really awesome new way of making music and this is just a taste) but Meredith and I are so happy with the way it turned out and I'm not sure there is anything we would do to change it!