715 - CR∑∑KS - Bon Iver Cover

So, I have been holding on to this song since I finished recording it late November of last year. It never really felt done to me and I had plans to add to it. However, after having it sit in my iTunes for a couple months now, I figured I might as well publish it.

Maybe the song is fine just the way it is.

I've always had strong feelings that sometimes things just happen the way they are supposed to as they happen. We're human. Mess ups are mess ups and the little bumps and cracks in life are there because we aren't perfect.

I've always gone about music this way. If I write a song and I am so inspired to write it all in one sitting, then, I believe, that's the way the song was meant to be written - no matter how cheesy or how little sense the songs makes as I read it again at a later time. 

So, I'll let this song be what it was in late November - a quick, garage band-recorded, vocoder-less, cover of a song that inspired me to hit record again.

...all I'm trying to do is get my feet out from the crease"

Geez... that got deep, fast.