Saturday in the Countryside

Saturday, me, my parents, my sister, Maria, and I hopped in our cars and headed south. Our mission was to take some wedding decorations and things (sis is getting married this weekend!!!) to our cousin's farm in Sugar Grove, Virginia, which is about an hour and a half drive from Blacksburg.

First stop, upon mom and sis's request, was the Dublin Flea Market to grab some of the famous Lion Dogs to devour for lunch. I have to say that my taste for corn dogs has grown since my youthful days when we used to go get Lion Dogs at the Dublin Fair every year. They were delish.

The Joe House in Sugar Grove is a quaint little farm in Southwestern Virginia, owned by our cousins, where my family would travel about once a year when I was younger to visit extended family, explore the farm, paddleboat and fish in the pond, and eat some of Aunt Linda's famous cupcakes in the comfort of the old "Joe House". 

A couple of years ago, my family spent the night in the Joe House as a bit of a getaway for the weekend and quickly discovered the house was quite creepy as rocking chairs rocked themselves, fire places spontaneously combusted, and visions of babies appeared on neatly made beds.... but I digress.

Saturday was a fun little day trip with the fam and It got us all even more excited for my sister's wedding next weekend. With the pond filled and the whole place decked out with flowers, tents, lights, and beautiful people, it's gonna be a night to remember. Kinda feels like Biblbo's 111th birthday (currently reading The Lord of The Rings).

I'm so excited for sis and for her magical day. She's deserves it and I'm so happy for her!