Let Me Love You - DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber Cover

Wow. It's been a while since I have done a cover of a song for YouTube. But, now that I have settled in at my new job and am back at home with the family, I have some time again to concentrate on just sitting down, learning new songs, and shaping them to fit my taste and playing style. 

I hope that this will be the first of many covers to come in the future and I hope to even work on and publish some original content as well. As the band wraps up our second album, I am starting to miss the whole musical process of touring, writing, and just being involved in the music scene  so, heading back into music again just feels so right.

As music has started to get put on the back burner once again, I realize that I worked for quite a few years trying to write pop-y upbeat and ferocious songs to fit TBC's live show and I never really took the time to explore what seems to come very naturally to me - chill, simple, ambient and emotional songs.

I would hope that by moving back into my chill musical background (it all started with Jack Johnson, John Mayer, etc. and has since moved through Robin Pecknold, Jackson C. Frank, Greg Isakov, Madolin Orange, etc.) I might be able to find something really special that may some day find itself in the form of a new project. One can dream, I suppose.

Anyways, here is a Justin Bieber cover (Something I never thought I would say). Maybe it's the fact that the music is made by another artist or maybe it's the subtle religious references in this song, idk. I like it.

This video has gained quite a bit of love on Facebook reaching almost 2k views. I just wanna say thanks. You all rock. I really do appreciate the support throughout the years and I'm pretty stoked to get back into the old groove.

Peace and Blessins.