October For Your Ears '16

Something I have always wanted to do with the blog is add some music. You know, some suggested tunes. I've seen a few of my favorite bloggers do this monthly playlist deal and I wanted to give it a go.

As many of you know, I love music. The problem is, I get attached to certain artists and their music and listen strictly to them for an amount of time. This type of music enjoyment makes it hard to get into new types of music and make new playlists to show my friends.

Spotify made this a bit easier with their "Discover Weekly" playlists but I had joined Apple Music (and was in love) so I didn't spend too much time over on the ol' Spotify. Good news is, since then, Apple has created the same type of curated playlist that comes out with suggested new music every Friday.

So, to make a long story short, using the help of Apple Music AND Spotify, I am going to do my best to create a couple playlists each month to share with whoever wants to listen.

I love this dude, Lew, from Unbox Therapy on YouTube and he likes calling songs with good beats "Bangers". So, I've worked out a playlist of poppy, electronic, beat-heavy jams that I call "October Bangers".

Now, I understand pop music can get really annoying after a short while, and even though I've done my best at weeding out the annoying ones, I know that sometimes we need a break from the heavy bass and crazy auto-tuned vocals. So, I've also worked out a playlist called "October Beauties" which features more acoustic, lyric-focused, roots-style tunes that can lightly carry you through your work week, dinner in, or any "chillaxing" situation.

I've worked them into both Apple Music and Spotify playlists for you as they are the most popular streaming services. So, I do apologize if you use some other service!

I hope you all enjoy and I will do my best to get better at making these each month! If you have any suggestions for either playlist feel free to comment below, or hit me up on social media and let me know what's good!

Thanks friends. Happy October!

October Bangers

October Beauties