Adventures With Maria // Chateau Morrisette

I'm still trying to get used to photography blogging.

One of my biggest problems is wanting to talk more about how and why I shot and edited each photo instead of actually talking about the adventure itself. My second bad habit tends to be that I end up trying to take every photo for Instagram or Tumblr. This means that I try too hard on getting the perfect photo and end up missing the story for the blog entirely!

Take this day for example...

Maria and I shared a lovely, belated celebration of our five years together at Chateau Morrisette, last Saturday the 29th of August. It was a beautiful day and we both had copious amounts of fun... and food... and wine tastings. It was a really nice outing and after a delicious meal, and a bit of exploring the grounds, we ended up grabbing two of our favorite bottles of wine to take home.

It was just an all-around great adventure!

However, I don't feel that the images above really captured anything more than my beautiful girlfriend (all I really need :P) and some cool scenery. 

So, I have decided that the next adventure I go on, I will be a little more wary of the blog and try and take as many photos as I can that help to tell the story a little better.

These are memories and I want to try and capture them as best I can!

Let me know your thoughts on this, friends. And as always, thanks for stopping by!