Sinkland Farms // Fall 2015

Hi everyone. Future Mrs. Red Beard Jr. here. Spencer is allowing me to take over the writing portion of the blog today and tell you about our wonderful annual trip to Sinkland Farms that occurred before a surprise second trip there :). 

I have had such a soft spot in my heart for Sinkland since The Band Concord began playing there our sophomore year. It is such an incredibly beautiful place tucked away in our area and it has great food, music, scenery, and pumpkins. What more could you want?!

Caylin, Spencer, and I went to Sinkland together this year: ahhh my favorite people. We looked at the animals, although they didn't have baby goats which made us all pretty cranky. Then we went through the corn maze and pumpkin patch. There isn't much to do for poor college kids after you pay a 10 dollar entrance fee, but we still managed to have fun. 

My favorite part about this trip is something I didn't know about until a week ago. Spencer was going to propose just a few days after these pictures were taken at this same special place. I wonder what he (and Caylin) were thinking the whole time we were there, knowing what was to come. Sinkland holds an even bigger place in my heart now than before. Thanks for that, love. And thanks to the friendship Caylin and Spencer have both given to me. I think they know my heart better than I do. 

A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure. Sirach 6:14

- Dean