What's In My Pocket?


So, as I was getting ready for bed last night, I emptied my pockets and took off my accessories, as usual, and thought that maybe some people would like to know what I carry with me everyday. It's not much, as you can see, but I don't know what I would do without these things with me each day.

I'll begin with the necessities: the wallet, the keys, the phone. I spend too much time on my phone working on social media or communicating with people so you will always find me near it. I also take pride in my quick replies to texts and messages and am always in need of a camera for an Instagram. I'm very much looking forward to the iPhone 6 to come out this fall because the iPhone 4s, while masterfully designed, is a bit outdated. 

Moving on to my accessories.

The necklace belonged to my grandfather. I found it in a case of cufflinks, tie clips, and pocketknives that I was given after he passed away. I wear it everyday. The ring was a gift from my mother that she picked up at the annual "Old Salem Days" and is made from a buffalo nickel. I actually stole the bracelet from Andrew Steger after seeing it sit on his bookcase for days without being worn. He later told me that his sister, Catherine, had made it for his father who then gave it to Andrew because it didn't fit him. I've claimed it as mine now. So, thanks Catherine! Lastly, the sunglasses are Wayfarer Ray-bans that I bought at the beach a few years ago. They are tortoise colored on the outside and feature an electric guitar design on the inside - very cool.

I always like to have a pack of gum on me at all times, if possible, because I am horribly scared of having bad breath. This is something that I have always done even back in my middle school days when gum was not allowed in school!

Finally, guitar picks can be found all around me: on the floor of my bedroom, in the car, in the clothes dryer, in my friends' pockets... I am actually known for loosing most of the picks that I use and end up having to ask Alex or Andrew for spares... which I then loose. Luckily, I have a wonderful girlfriend who gives me a huge stack of customized picks every year on our anniversary. Each one has a picture of us on one side and a nice little message on the other. The one pictured above is our three year pick and, as I am running out, I expect more will come August 22nd... hopefully 😳😁.

I hope you all enjoyed a little look inside my pockets! Comment below and let me know what kinds of things you keep with you at all times. Thanks so much for reading and leave a like if you enjoyed!

it is what it is.