Last Minute Trip to the New River with Castor | Pollux

So, Andrew Steger, the creator of Castor | Pollux, and I decided to take a little trip down to the new river one day and collect some photographs of what we could there. Now, I'm sure there is much more that we could have seen and done there but we didn't have much time for much because we left out around 3pm. 

This was a fun little trip and we were able to get some good snaps out of it. There were lots of colors around the river, especially around the tube rental area, and we were very excited to get back and edit the photos we had taken. Andrew uses an old film camera for most of his shots since he does not own a dslr so, sadly he has to wait a few weeks before he can get his back.

I am still some what of an amateur when it comes to photography so a lot of these shots were very over exposed and there was not much that I could do in the editing process to make them look much better. The collection above shows some of my favorites from the trip and I hope you enjoy!

it is what it is.