Step One: Acquire A Camera.

I love taking pictures but I honestly don't do it enough! This may be because I don't get out much. Could be I'm just too lazy sometimes. I think the real reason, though, is that I just don't own a good enough camera.

I usually take pictures on my iPhone 4s hence the use of instagram and vscocam. This works mighty fine since my phone can obviously fit in my pocket and I can pull it out at any time and snap a picture, but there is just something about using a dslr that I really love.

Both my mother and my girlfriend, Maria, have Nikon D3100s that I sometimes steal when I go home. I always end up taking pictures of random objects around the house which I usually end up leaving on the camera and never really mess with again. This past weekend, however, Maria allowed me to borrow her red Nikon D3100 to bring back up to school with me. before I left, I snapped this shot of her and was reminded just how easy it is to take a nice shot if you have a beautiful subject. 

I am going to try my best to get out more, when I am not working at the bookstore, and take some pictures of the area around me and my good friends that I see daily. I am also going to try out this blogging deal as much as I can to see if I enjoy it as much as I do vlogging on Youtube. 

So, stick around for more blogs and some updates to the website! I very much enjoy everything that I am putting into this project and I would hope that some of you might find joy in it as well.

it is what it is.