A Charlottesville Evening

So, my last blog entry featured some pictures that I had taken the morning after the Sara Bareilles concert that Maria and I went to in Charlottesville, Va. The photos in the gallery above are some shots that were taken that night before and during our show at the Garage. Of course, I didn't take all of these pictures so a special thanks to Abby Young and Lianne Kitzmiller for the coolio shots that they took while we were playing our set!

I have been using vscocam for a while now and I really enjoy the "fade" feature that they have in the tool bar of the edit menu and I really wanted to achieve that look on the photos that I take on the dslr. I looked up some videos and was able to find that it is actually very easy to get this look in Adobe Lightroom. I may have overdone this in the pictures above but I just wanted to experiment a bit with it and see what I could do.

My favorite picture in this gallery has to be the one I took of the statue of General Lee. This picture looked horrible when I took it so I just started liberally messing with the exposure and contrast and vignette and such in Lightroom's development tab and really got a nice image out of it. It's amazing what you can do in the editing process of pictures and video for that matter.

Anyway, I hope to make it back to Charlottesville very soon and hopefully take a few more pictures. Next stop with the band is Virginia Beach so stay tuned for some content that I hope to produce from that trip!

it is what it is.