Recording at Virginia Tech

We are very fortunate to be returning to the Virginia Tech recording studio with our good friend, Richard Rothwell. Richard was our producer for some demo tracks that we laid down back in 2013 that, much to our surprise, turned out really well. He does some really great work in post production that makes us wanna be musicians sound amazing.

We are very exited to be working in the Tech studio again. It has a nice large space for recording and produces really great sounds. I wouldn't expect a new album or anything of that sort, however. We are simply working on some more demo tracks that we may later give out for free or just use as templates for our next full studio album. Sadly, due to Virginia Tech policy, we can't physically sell the work that we create in this studio. 

These shots that I took while in the studio turned out to be very grainy because of all of the low light in the recording spaces but I'm glad that I was able to snap some funny photos of Alex and Andrew. I plan to take more shots next time we enter the studio, which should be rather soon, so make sure to check back for those.

it is what it is.