Sweet Donkey Coffee House

Roanoke is an interesting and ever changing city and there are many places that I have yet to visit. Much to my surprise, Sweet Donkey Coffee House is not a new name to a lot of my friends from the area. I had never heard of the place before and when Maria and I set out for a day of adventures, we knew we had to stop at the new spot. 

I have recently become very into coffee and have picked out a few favorite drinks such as the cortado and the flat white. However, most coffee shops in this area do not offer these types of coffee and trying to explain to Starbucks how to make said drinks is nothing short of a nightmare. So, it is very satisfying when I can walk into a nice little coffee shop and see one of these drinks on the menu!

We grabbed our hot drinks (Maria ordered a chai latte that we both agreed was quite delectable) and sat down a little table in the foyer of the house. Constructed in 1922, the house creates a nice vintage atmosphere that gives way to the nicely integrated high-tech equipment used in the kitchen to create all of the beverages for the nostalgic customer.

There are many rooms for the individual coffee drinker or for small business meetings and I was able to edit a few photos with little to no distractions.

So, if you're just passing through looking for a nice coffee or need somewhere to enjoy your Piety Pie, check out Sweet Donkey Coffee House at 2108 Broadway Ave. SW  Roanoke, VA.  24014.

For more information on Sweet Donkey, check out their website here.

Been here before? Let me know in the comments how your experience was or if you have been to another great coffee shop in the area!

it is what it is.