I started taking photos in high school after signing up for a film photography class. I learned all the basics on how to manipulate the camera to get the kinds of shots I wanted, but I quickly found that photography is just like all other forms of art. You have to make it your own. The real joy comes from the feeling of having and using a powerful tool that allows you to capture life as you want to capture it.

I quickly fell in love with digital photography after borrowing my mom's Nikon D3100 and discovering a little application called Adobe Lightroom. This was a new frontier, a new world etch-a-sketch.

The ability to take a seemingly infinite amount of photos and be able to edit them over and over with little to no repercussions really allowed me to learn a lot about my new hobby.

But I would be lying if I said my digital photography skills were completely self taught.

As with all things I become interested in learning how to do, I quickly took to YouTube to start dipping my toes into the vast digital editing process. My biggest inspiration was a travel vlogger by the name of Mr Ben Brown. His on-the-go style of photography seemed to fit in well with my traveling around with The Band Concord and I learned a lot from following his Instagram and Tumblr accounts.

I've come a long way since I started taking photos and I learn new things about it every time I pick up my camera or sit at the computer to edit.

Below, I've compiled a small gallery of some of my favorite shots that I think display the depth of my abilities with a camera. I don't claim to be the best photographer and there are definitely far better options out there, but if you like my style and would like to see your family, product, business, or even yourself from my perspective lens, just shoot me a note and we can talk shop.